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The Pleasure Journey Online

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The Pleasure Journey -

Why Pleasure?

Most of us - to some extent - have both desire and at times, fear around Pleasure. When I first launched Master Your Pleasure in 2016, Facebook decided the word ‘Pleasure’ was indecent content. At that time, many workshops and retreats were focusing on pain, anger and grief. And while these are all very important topics, I wanted to explore healing, transformation and expansion from a different view point.

‘The Online Journeys’ are an inquiry into the medicine and prayer of 3 key pillars of embodied awareness: Breath, Energy and Pleasure. As part of these current free online sessions, I invite you to join our session on Pleasure. 

The Pleasure Journey -

What will we do in the online session?

  • I will share an introduction to a powerful 8 level model of pleasure from the early life in the womb to bliss, in oneness.

  • I will ask you to reflect a little on your relationship to pleasure.

  • I will share some of the common cause of blocks we can have around deserving and receiving pleasure.

  • We will explore some embodied practices and meditations that will focus on the pleasure of safety, of play and of sensuality.

  • We will explore our capacity to feel, open, receive and to increase our pleasure capacity.

  • We will consider to the reality of a pleasure as medicine.

The Pleasure Journey -

Is this online session for you?

You may want to be part of this session if you have never taken any course with me (or any Worksop on pleasure) before. You are curious, eager to learn more about pleasure or experience some somatic guided meditations and practices.

You may want to join this session because you have already taken a pleasure retreat with me and you would like a reminder on some of the topics we have covered on the week long Journey. This online session would be a good opportunity to practice and check in on with your current Pleasure capacity reality.

Before the Session

Give yourself some time to relax and reflect on your intention for the session. Do not fast, intoxicate yourself or take any mind-altering substances before this journey.

What you need for the Session

  • Privacy, a place where you will not be disturbed to stand, sit or lie down comfortably

  • A pen and paper

  • Tissues

  • Water

After the Session

Clear your diary if at all possible to give yourself time to integrate the experience.


The Online Pleasure Journey will take place in a closed container on Zoom. You will receive a link after you registered.

Doors open: 19:00 UK/20:00 CET
Duration: 2 hours

Do you feel the call to join us?

You do not need any previous experience to join us. If you already have a lot of experience in practicing pleasure, you will have an opportunity to deepen your skills and perhaps learn some new ones. 

Enthusiasts and sceptics are equally welcome :)


This session may involve experiences with others; you will have sovereignty in your choice to say no to any interaction or exchange.

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