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"A number of years ago the seed for The Journeys was planted in a dream. It was clear to me that this form was the container for me to share my medicine. It has taken some time to be ripe and ready to share.

The first step was the birth of Master Your Pleasure in 2016. This precious space has been a gift to me and to those who chose to drink its medicine. I am deeply grateful to the participants, collaborators, venues, assistants and organisers who gave their time and energy to offer ‘Master Your Pleasure’ through its 9 iterations in person and online during the global pause of 2020. This Pleasure-Body Initiation’s next evolution ‘The Pleasure Journey’ is now born. Accompanied by 'The Energy Journey' and 'The Breathwork Journey'."

The Shamanic Breathwork Journey Generic
The Energy Journey Generic
The Pleasure Journey Generic


It feels important to say that, for me, any Journey is always ongoing. It is not about the destination. It is about The Journey itself being the purpose and the gift.

The Journey is sometimes fast, other times slow, sometimes direct and other times there are many stops along the way. Sometimes it is a straight line and other times a curved meandering path. Sometimes we travel only forward and other times, we travel backwards a bit, before moving forward again. The Journey is always unfolding itself.

‘The Journeys’ are an inquiry into the medicine and prayer of 3 key pillars of embodied awareness: Breath, Energy and Pleasure. They are the portals and paths to

  • Transformation

  • Transmutation

  • Alchemy

  • Freedom

  • Sovereignty

  • Healing

  • Aliveness

  • Empowerment

  • Restoration

  • Rejuvenation

  • Dying

  • Rebirthing

  • Evolution

  • Forgiveness

  • Acceptance

  • Integration

With love,


The Pleasure Journey UK-23 - Elaine Yonge
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