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THE   Pleasure  JOURNEY

Flower of Life - Elaine Yonge

A 7-Day Pleasure-Body Initiation
with Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Exploration

14th - 20th September 2023
@ Glastonbury - UK

This Journey is the Evolution of the experience formally known as 'Master Your Pleasure'

The Pleasure Journey is a space to explore

  • To open, to connect, learn, unlearn, reclaim, practice​ and expand your pleasure capacity. 

  • What is Pleasure? Pleasure is a subjective experience arising within us, different for each of us and in every moment. And while there is no one correct definition; what is apparent to those who are committed to deeply exploring the power of Pleasure. 

  • Pleasure can be a healing, rejuvenating, restorative and empowering medicine for the body, mind and soul. Pleasure is not something that someone or something outside of you can give you. Pleasure is something you choose to open to and allow yourself to experience.


Master Your Pleasure - Andre

"I feel like I now know what pleasure means.
My awareness and feelings around pleasure have expanded beyond sexuality
and permeates all areas of my life.
I now have tools that empower me to see life in all its light and shadows with clarity.
Thank you for continually changing my life!"

Andre Mai

Background - Elaine Yonge

The Pleasure Journey is all about...

  • This Journey is designed to explore and expand your relationship to your own Pleasure, not anyone else's. Often in life, we focus on others and the outer experiences; the key to our pleasure capacity is always within us.

  • The explorations are inspired by a number of the ancient wise Temple Arts, including Tantra, Meditation and Shamanism and some 'modern' specialities like Sexological Bodywork, Somatics, Breathwork, Conscious Communication and Consent.

  • This Journey maps to an 8-level human development pleasure model, encompassing our experiences from the womb to sexual - and spiritual bliss.

  • This Journey is a space to discover our power and limitations in each of the pleasure portals, including safety, relief of discomfort, elemental play and emotional, mental, sensual, sexual and spiritual aspects of Pleasure as a medicine and prayer.

  • The power and potential of this Journey is founded in extended focused attention to the pleasure body over 7 days, enabling a somatic and belief reset for a longer-lasting shift in your individual pleasure capacity.

  • In addition to the time of the experience, the breadth, range and diversity of the practices increase the possibility of unlocking and awakening your latent pleasure potential. Our approach includes the mind, body, soul, heart, emotional body and importantly; your inner child, to invite a reset to your whole being and your neurology for safety, receptivity, permission and trust.

  • We will take this Journey into our Pleasure as individuals and as a group, using practices, structures, rituals, sharing circles and meditations.

  • On the Journey to open more to Pleasure, it is often the case that ‘all that is not open to Pleasure within us" shows up to be felt and transformed. This week is not designed to be a feel-good journey, although you may feel good. Please know that aspects of the factors that prevent you from embracing Pleasure may arise as part of the process to open and expand. Alongside the deep transformation that occurs in the week itself, this Journey will offer knowledge, skills and practices that you can take home with you into your daily life.

Please know you will be welcomed, supported and held in your authentic truth throughout this week-long exploration. This journey can be life-changing and potentially challenging as we invite strong energies. You are asked to apply for this Journey by filling in 8 in depth questions that allow you to find your truthful WHY; Why do you feel called to this Journey?

Read more about applying for this Journey:

  • Who may benefit from this Journey?
    The Pleasure Journey welcomes individuals, couples and triads of all genders, sexual orientations and relationship statuses. · You have a desire for more Pleasure in your life. · You may find it difficult or impossible to experience Pleasure without some external stimulus, another person, toys or imagery. · You may be missing Pleasure in certain parts of your life. For example; your mind may be a place with plenty of Pleasure, but you may be lacking it in your body or vice versa. · You are aware of addictive patterns around how you experience Pleasure. · You have a sense that you do not allow yourself to experience Pleasure. · You have a sense that there is more Pleasure possible. · You have access to a good level of Pleasure, but you want to experience the maximum Pleasure possible for yourself in this life, in this body. · You are afraid of Pleasure, or you feel guilty about experiencing Pleasure. · You may be skilled at supporting others to experience Pleasure but struggle to allow yourself to receive Pleasure fully. · You are a curious adventurer. · You have a pattern of putting the needs of others above your own needs. · You may have healed and moved on from many of your life challenges and you are no longer in pain or suffering, but you sense that you are still disconnected on some level from your full Pleasure capacity. Expansive, ecstatic bliss remains elusive for you. · You are trapped in pain or suffering and learning to experience Pleasure could be healing for you. · You LOVE newer, different subtleties of Pleasure. · You are keen to be part of a group process. · You are comfortable with - or open to exploring spaces where there may be loud music, voices and expressions, sensitive and powerful emotional shares, possible nudity and sexual expression in a group space. · You are open to sharing experiences with others as part of this Journey if that feels right for you. However, you clearly understand the purpose and that connection with others is not the primary focus of this Journey. · You are comfortable with - or are open to exploring a group space that is sex-positive, body positive, welcomes vulnerable shares and gives permission for the expression of emotions.
  • What will the Journey involve?
    There will be group sessions in the morning, afternoon and most evenings. The offerings will include small groups, larger sharing circles, a series of written and verbal inquiries to track your patterns, a few educational sessions, movement and dancing, individual and group rituals and meditations. The traditions and practices draw from some modern-day specialities like sexological bodywork, conscious communication and consent. Alongside this, we will explore some ancient wise temple arts, including Tantra, Meditation and Shamanism. ​
  • Why should I attend and what might I gain?
    · At the end of this Journey, based on the experience of many beings that went before you, your idea of - and relationship to Pleasure - as well as your capacity to experience Pleasure, will be clearer, deeper, wider, reformed and/or reconnected. · The week will invite you to expand your current pleasure limit or pleasure ceiling. · The offerings will support you in learning how to develop your capacity to hold more Pleasure in all its forms and to do this for a longer time. · You will have gained skills to reconnect to Pleasure when you move away from Pleasure, when something external in life takes you out of it, when you forget, when you shut down or feel fear. · Our desire for you at the end of this journey is that you take this new reality back into your everyday life, with a more profound reference point in your being and body as to what Pleasure is for you. · You will understand and appreciate how crucial Pleasure is to your well-being, and therefore you will give it attention and priority. · You will be more aware of - and may shift entirely - some of your barriers to Pleasure that have limited you in the past. You may discover new pleasures you didn't know you were missing in your life. · You will be more confident in understanding and speaking out your boundaries, and therefore, you will be more willing to welcome and allow Pleasure to arise.​
  • What experience is this Journey offering me?
    An opportunity to fully immerse yourself and be held and guided in a strong, consensual, brave container for 7 days. This container is created with love and care at its core, inviting you to a safer space to feel and transform. This is also a brave space, one that invites to tap into your courage and intention to meet all that may arise. There will be an invitation to explore many different forms and intensities of Pleasure so that your mind, body and soul can reset, rewire, learn or relearn what Pleasure is for you and how it feels. In this Journey, your relationship to Pleasure will be explored, questioned and challenged to call in a reset for an expanded capacity on a neurological, cellular, somatic and subconscious level. This week is intended to support you in increasing your personal pleasure limit or pleasure ceiling. We all have a limit or ceiling, whether we are aware of it or not. The limit is the amount of Pleasure we feel safe to open, receive, hold in our bodies and or we may believe we deserve.
  • Why do I need to learn about Pleasure? Why does it not come naturally to me?
    We are born with a wonderfully natural sense of innocence and Pleasure. For many of us, sadly, the experiences we have in life move us away from Pleasure. We may judge Pleasure as wrong, we may be afraid of Pleasure, we may fear, or we may have experienced others judging or disapproving of us when we express Pleasure. Often religion, our family or our culture has imprinted a belief that Pleasure is somehow selfish, indulgent or perhaps even sinful. Many of us have been punished or shamed for feeling Pleasure. We may even have been trained or have trained ourselves to disconnect from or block out Pleasure entirely from our lives to keep ourselves safe. We, therefore, need to learn or relearn how to allow, invite, and welcome Pleasure back into our life.
  • What topics, practices and rituals may be part of this Journey?
    · Safety in the Body · Body De Armouring · Play · Affirmation Meditations & Visualisation · Core Erotic Theme & Sexual Styles · Sensate Focusing​ · Shamanic Breathwork Journeying​ · Yoga​ - Mindful Self Love · Awakening the Senses · Pleasure Somatic Body Mapping​ · Yin and Yang Energy Orgasm​
  • Who may not be suitable at this time to join this Journey?
    You have significant unresolved trauma in your physical, mental or emotional body. The training is not designed as an alternative to therapy or medical treatment. This Journey can be challenging as well as rewarding. Please read our Extended Note on (Mental-) Health & Trauma, if any of above are true for you. This should support you to make an informed choice. If you doubt this Journey is suitable for you and would like a reflection, please send a message to one of the organisers of this Journey: You believe you may need one-to-one support with your Pleasure at this time. You do not enjoy being part of a group process and are not open to seeing this as a gift. You are not comfortable, familiar with - or open to exploring spaces with loud music, noise and/or emotional expression. Your primary motivation for attending this retreat is to create connections and have experiences with others rather than explore your own body and Pleasure.
  • Is this experience for individuals or couples?
    This Journey is suitable for you, whether single or in a relationship, including those of all genders and all sexual orientations. Most people take this Journey as individuals and each group usually has a few couples who join. A Note for Couples: If both of you wish to attend, you can decide to work with your partner only, or choose to work with others for all or some of the practices. The Pleasure Journey can be a powerful container for couples to regain their relationship with Pleasure as individuals and as part of their relationship. Please note if you are attending as a couple, it can be of benefit if you have both undertaken this type of experience or retreat before, separately or together. The reason for this is that when you join as a couple you are not only taking your individual journey, you are taking your relationship on a journey of its own. While being on the journey with your partner brings additional gifts to attending as an individual, it does give you another dimension of experience to hold alongside your own experience. Experience has shown that it can be challenging for both if one member of the couple is attending to please the other. It is essential that you both want to be part of this experience. It is important that you have good communication skills to navigate challenges that may arise. Please be clear; this is not a couples retreat or couples therapy journey. If you attend as a couple, we will support you as much as possible, given the group setting, to move through the process with care for your relationship. Extra caution is advised if one member of the couple has a significant history of Trauma; the other may feel obliged to focus on supporting their partner rather than focusing on their own Journey.
  • Do I need any previous experience with similar retreats or specific knowledge before I attend?
    This week is a deep, intimate and potentially intense journey. While you do not need any previous experience with similar retreats or sessions to join this retreat, it may be more challenging if this is your first experience of this nature. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the organiser - - if you feel you need further guidance on this. Suitability depends on the human being that you are. If you are open to jumping in fully to new kinds of experiences, this may be an appropriate opening to your exploration of sexuality and Pleasure. If you are more of a slow and gradual type of human, you may want to attend some similar evening - or day workshops to find out whether you feel like spending an entire week in this kind of space and process. There is no judgment regarding your preferred way to learn and expand; awareness of what works for you is key. While acknowledging the above, please know that all the essential information, skills and knowledge you require will be shared during this week as we move through the Journey. Many individuals have joined this Journey with no previous experience and found themselves fully able to dive into the process and group space. A few individuals have found it challenging to be in a space that dives deeply into sensitive topics and practices around sexuality with no prior experience in this kind of space. Therefore it can be beneficial to your Journey if you have attended other retreats based on meditation, consent and boundaries, sacred/conscious sexuality, tantra, or shamanism. This retreat often compliments and deepens those experiences and skills.
  • Am I free to choose how I engage in this Journey?
    Please know you will be welcomed, supported and held in your authentic truth throughout this week-long exploration. We ask that you attend all the sessions unless there is a valid reason you are unable to join a session. The choice to join this journey is a commitment to the process. This is not a retreat where you can pick and choose which sessions you would like to join. The reason for this is that the process is a sequential journey and missing one part may affect your capacity to continue. You are, of course, supported to take care of your own needs. All rituals and practices are an invitation for you and at all times, you are free to find your own way and pace to answer this invitation. We encourage freedom of choice in participation, both at the start of a session and during. If you request support or have questions regarding the experience, we will do our best to support you in deciding whether or not the experience is for you at this time. You will never be pushed or pressured to take part in any activity that is a no for you. You are free to step out of an experience at any time. Again we may offer you support at that moment if you desire it; there will be no explanation required from you. If you do not want to participate in a certain practice, you are welcome to stay in the room and dependent on practice you can do this solo. If you wish to leave the space, we ask that you check in with or inform a team member before doing so. Practices are sufficiently explained in advance by the Facilitators or Assistants, to allow you to consider whether you want to participate and to agree on your boundaries. You are encouraged to modify exercises if your physical (or other) capabilities require it. At the start of every practice that will include sharing an experience with another person/persons, time will be given to make agreements and discuss boundaries. You are never required to share a practice with a particular person. At times the group will choose their own partners. At other times the team may create dyads or small groups to share experiences. Participants are always free to choose not to share experiences with individuals who do not align with them. There will always be a possibility of not participating in the practice in such a case.
  • What are the Space, the Team & the Group Container like?
    This is a guided space where the team intends and desires to support you on your Journey with presence and care. We create and hold a space where safety and courage are key, core team members are Trauma sensitive-informed. However, the nature and sensitivity of working with Pleasure and sexuality can bring forward challenges for some individuals. While the team take our role as guides with full recognition of our responsibilities, those who join this Journey require a degree of self-awareness and self-responsibility. The focus of the team for this journey is to support the group. The team are in agreement that no sexual or romantic interactions will take place between members of the team and participants of this journey during the week and for an agreed time after we close. With the exception of previously existing connections. This container will be supported by a set of group agreements which we will co-create on our first day together. An example of these agreements can be found here. You are welcomed, supported and held in your authentic truth. It is the highest intention of the team to create a space and journey that is Inclusive of diversity and capacity with regards to sexual orientation, age, gender, religion, ethnicity, those with physical impairments and or limitations. Please be aware that venues where The Journeys take place are not amended specifically for people with physical challenges or mobility issues. If you are in doubt whether your health situation makes this Journey possible for you on this location, please contact the organisers. This Journey will include both a consent-boundaries session and an emotional express-release session for all those attending, regardless of your previous training or experience with such skills.

One of the beings that went before you
on a Journey about Pleasure


"Grateful, honored, centered, humble, full of life force, excited to be alive in a woman body, in deep devotion of my yoni, in deep love with my inner man, touched by so many amazing human souls that live on this planet fiercely and kindly, awaken and clear...Reemerging after 4 days of "inner reset" in a hotel room that I book for myself to dive fully into "Master your pleasure" the amazing work of Elaine Yonge...I love the work of this woman so deeply. One of the most incredible experiences of these 4 days has been to feel deeply HEART PENETRATED by the eyes of a kind woman over the screen. I cried and I received. I loved it. I'm safe. I'm free. MASSIVE THANK YOU."

Frederica Clemente

Our Venue 'Earth Spirit'

Just five miles from Glastonbury, situated in a beautiful landscape between two nature reserves, lies EarthSpirit within the 'temenos', the sacred enclosure of Avalon.


Earth Spirit is build in seventeenth century farm buildings that have been restored and specially converted for use as a venue. They are set within seven acres of fields and gardens.

The complex is based around a converted long barn with oak timbers, reed torching and stone walls. The feeling is medieval, but with modern comforts such as under-floor heating and a large woodstove. The high roof and skylights create a light, airy atmosphere.

Accommodation is in shared bedrooms. There is also a very limited amount of single/double bedrooms at an additional charge. (Please mention that in your application form).


The experienced chefs take pride in creating delicious, healthy meals. Where possible organic- and always locally-sourced, to prepare nutritious, vegan and vegetarian dishes. They are happy to accommodate your needs in case of allergies or intolerances. (Please inform us of any special dietary requirements in your application form).


Some of the Groups that have been Journeying with Elaine

About the Creator & Facilitator

Elaine Yonge


My journey has involved a lifelong fascination and inquiry into awareness, purpose, the human condition, love, sexuality, spiritual connection, soul wisdom, expansion, learning, unlearning, meditation, physiology, health, disease, exploring aliveness, death and grief. 


I am a Group Facilitator, Educator, Coach, Guide, and Energy-/Bodyworker in the fields of Consciousness, Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Sexology and Shamanism. Some of my certifications include specialities such as Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator.

For over 10 years I have been working with groups and individuals, to create integrated journeys that support the intention of the retreat spaces that I offer. I draw from different lineages and modalities, including Tantric and Shamanic practices, Somatic Sexology, Sexological Bodywork and Shamanic Breathwork.

The areas of my experience most relevant to The Pleasure Journey:

  • I love to work with the integration of sexuality & spirituality, the body, the mind and the soul energies. 

  • My work with clients often begins with reconnecting them to their body and their sexual energy. 

  • I have been a sexological bodyworker & Somatic Sex Coach for over 10 years, working with individuals, couples and groups. 

  • I love to support clients to live life as emotionally and sexually expressive beings.​

  • My work includes sexuality issues, lack of libido, orgasm & self-pleasuring, understanding and changing unhealthy sexual/relationship patterning, genital somatic clearing of pain or disconnection, freeing yourself from shame and guilt around sexuality, consent and boundaries.


Until recently, I was a Lead Faculty member of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)  from 2015 to 2022 and part of this global Tribe of humans since 2012. I led many level 1 (called SSSEx) and level 2 (called SSSIn) journeys in many countries around the globe.

Currently, I mainly offer deep-dive experiential retreats. ‘The Journeys’ is a series of 5 to 7 Day retreats I created and facilitate, to explore and reset our relationship to Pleasure, Breath and Energy. These retreats include educational components however they are primarily deep embodiment journeys harnessing Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Explorations.

About the Organisers

Robbie Griffin - Elaine Yonge

Robbie’s passion is empowering people to open their hearts fully, so to build together a radically different culture of connection, shared power, vulnerability, intimacy and healing. He’s a founding member and facilitator at Emergence Brotherhood, co-founder of Alchemy of Love Festival, an apprentice at ISTA and facilitator at numerous different schools and festivals worldwide.

A lover of life, passionate about dance, bodywork, community-building, and creating magic in every day moments. In awe for the sacred and with a full heart for the brave. Joyce is living and working from the Netherlands. She's assisting for ISTA's level 1&2 and has assisted Master Your Pleasure in both online editions aswell as In-Person.


Organiser & Assistant

Elaine speaks about The Pleasure Journey (22:11min)

About the Team

Steve - Elaine Yonge

Steve Shiva

Steve Shiva is a father of two, a human empowerment coach, retreat creator & facilitator and founder of various organisations fostering human transformation through diverse modalities. The essence of his mission is embodying presence, playfulness, curiosity, vulnerability and authenticity to curate powerful relational, explorational and integrational spaces where humans feel safe to explore and live their totality in connection with others.

Kerry - Elaine Yonge

Kerry O'Sullivan

Kerry is The Goddess of Divine Truth & Sacred Union. She has inspired thousands of women and couples worldwide to connect to their inner beauty and awaken their sexual energy to heal the past, connect more deeply to the present and step into a life embodied full of pleasure and in truth of who they really are.

Shivani Maria - Elaine Yonge

Shivani Maria

Deep quest in spirituality meets Movement Medicine teacher meets embodied feminine coach meets sexuality meets medical doctor. That is Shivani. She will bring presence, warmth, full heart, wilderness and softness, depth and authenticity, freedom and lots of dance! Shivani is currently working 1-1, in retreats and group sessions, online and in person from Portugal, UK and Bali. 

Karen - Elaine Yonge

Karen Egan

Certified Sexological Bodyworker

For the last 2 decades Karen has facilitated people to regulate their nervous system, empower and radically self-accept. She is a certified somatic sex coach & sexological bodyworker, in her 2nd year training as Somatic Sex Educator. Karen's Super-Powers are her multi-modality approach, being an empowering co-creator, a trauma-informed educator and an embodied safe space holder. 

Bahdra - Elaine Yonge

Bhadra Kali Ma

Bhadra is walking the Path of inner Liberation. She is here to support you to be, to allow, to open, to feel, to release and to integrate. She is holding you in love, softness & strength, with deep presence and body wisdom. Bahdra is working and moving in the field of De-Armouring, Biodynamic Breathwork, Traumarelease, Shaktivation and Authentic Relating. She is based in Switzerland where she is having a 1:1 practice and is working with groups.

Amit - Elaine Yonge

Amit Ronel-Shalev

The essence of Amit's movement in this incarnation is curiosity, inquiry and love of people. His tools are intuition, listening and presence with the Body as a tool to connect spirit and matter. Amit is engaged in self-development in various ways for over 30 years, grateful for what is. He lives in Israel.

Luzy - Elaine Yonge

Luzi Pods
Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Luzi is a Somatic Sexologist & Erotic Artist. Her passion & purpose are the embodiment and transmission of authentic & innocent erotic expression. The intention of her work is to facilitate the remembrance of our body’s wisdom. For her honouring & listening to our physical vessel is the journey back to our natural state of being - of deep reverence of our humanity and the earth we live on.


What participants expressed
after being on a pleasure journey with Elaine



"I came in with a certain idea about what pleasure was
and came to a realization I wasn't even sure.
And now I feel I have some really incredible tools to feel pleasure.
There is a way that I can connect to myself in an exceptional way.
I am very thankful that I have the tools. The tools to empower me to now take this feeling of pleasure and spread it towards my life.
I honestly feel like my life will never be the same again."


"I will be taking home a lot of new and wonderful experiences on my own and in sharing with other participants. I did not expect that it would be so intense and I’m really grateful and blessed. I felt very safe, supported. Thank you, a lot, for this amazing week, amazing time and space that let me take home a big box of treasure.


"I came into this week feeling a strong call to be here but not logically understanding as to why I was here. What does resistance to pleasure even mean? And through all of the intensive and beautifully orchestrated information, transmissions and rituals I realised why I was here. Went through and overcame some of my biggest resistances in life and how to rewire my thoughts, emotions and energy for more pleasure! HIGHLY recommended if you’re ready to face your truths and untruths.


​Arrival & Closing times

Arrival & registration: Thursday14th September between 13h30 and 14h30

Closing: Wednesday 20th September from 15h00 

Getting there and away

The nearest city with airport and trainstation is Bristol (1h). We will provide suggestions on how to get from the airport/station to the venue once you have subscribed. 

Important note: Do not plan to arrive late or leave before the end of the retreat.


Investment for this All Inclusive


GBP 1.797

Includes the training, nutritious homecooked meals, a stay at the lovely 'Earth Spirit' in the idyllic surroundings of the Glastonbury countryside 'Avalon' with sauna, bonfire and plenty of falling stars.

Register TPJ

​How to Register? 




Step 1:
Fill in the Application Form

The Appliciation Form invites you to reflect on your deeper motivations for participating: Alongside your personal details, you will be asked to answer 8 in-depth questions and upload a short informal video of yourself
(max 3 minutes).

​Step 2: 
Pay the Deposit within 5 days

After approving your application, we will send you an email with the payment details on how to transfer the deposit (500 GBP) within 5 days.

Please make sure to add to your safe contacts, so you won't need to find our messages in your spam-box. 

​Step 3:

After receiving the deposit, we will send you a confirmation 

saying you are subscribed for the Journey.

Also then you will receive the Welcome Letter with all practical information about The Journey.

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