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The Shamanic Breathwork Journey Online

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Why Shamanic Breathwork?

Shamanic Breathwork will invite you on a journey to meet your inner shaman with conscious intention & presence. It is a safe and powerful way to enter a state of altered consciousness to heal, expand and transform.

  • What longs to be unveiled from the deeper parts of your being?

  • What within you is calling to be brought forward into your awareness?

  • What energy or emotions is it time to let go of from your physical body?

  • What soul parts desire to fully return to your life and purpose?

The answers are available within us and yet we have somehow forgotten or become disconnected from the source of our own inner wisdom.

Shamanic Breathwork is a safe and powerful way to enter a state of altered consiousness to heal, expand and transform. 


Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful modality that invites you to journey beneath your conscious mind and meet your subconscious, authentic, wiser self - the You that lives beyond the personality/ego. Shamanic Breathwork engages a continuous circular breath, chakra-aligned music and intention. It invites you to travel deep into your own psyche to witness and transform inner conflicts or wounds. The journey can support you to release past trauma, letting go of that which no longer serves you and gain inspiration, vision, clarity and guidance as to your true path.

Shamanic Breathwork connects the sympathetic and the parasympathetic components of the nervous system, allowing that which has been suppressed or has become disconnected, to be seen, felt and expressed. This portal can support you in letting go of old beliefs or patterns and in reclaiming the gifts of your ‘light’ and ‘shadow’ aspects.


Shamanic Breathwork is a great way to access your deeper creative self. It may manifest and benefit you in business, life, sexuality and relationships by allowing you to harness a greater connection to your intuition and can aid in grounding your self-belief and self-confidence.

You may be simply curious about the process or you may want to expand your awareness and consciousness. Shamanic Breathwork is different for everyone, on every journey and it can often give rise to strong emotional, energetic or physical experiences.

You do not need to know anything... Just bring yourself and an open mind.

What will the online session include?

I will give a brief overview of the topic itself, I will share all the information you need to take a breathwork journey online. We will then move into the breathwork journey itself and we will have time for integration and sharing.

What will you need for the online session?

  • Privacy, a place where you will not be disturbedA place to sit comfortably and listen and a place to lie down comfortably and breathe.

  • Blanket, blindfold/eye mask.

  • A pen and paper

  • Tissues

  • Plenty of water

Before the Session

Please give yourself some time to relax and reflect on your intention for the session. Do not fast, intoxicate yourself or take any mind-altering substances for 24 hours before the session. Please be on time for the Journey. We will close the doors 15 minutes after we start.

After the Session

Clear your diary for the day after your session, if at all possible. This will give you time to integrate the experience. It is not advised to drink alcohol, listen to trance/drumming music, or take other mind altering substances for 24 hours after the session.

Who is this online Journey for?

For those with previous experience of Shamanic Breathwork - this is an opportunity for you to take another journey. Every journey is different, and for most of us with time and practice our capacity to journey deeper increases.


For those new to Shamanic Breathwork - this is an opportunity for you to learn about Shamanic Breathwork and to be held in a guided space. You are welcome to join and have a one-off experience, or you many wish to explore breath again with me in the future.


Whether you are an experienced breathwork journeyer or a first time explorer - if you have a desire to harness this modality as portal for deeper transformation, you may want to join us for the in-person 7-day Breathwork Journey in May.

Who is this online Journey NOT for or CAUTION advised?

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible and we have a guiding principle of  ‘cause no harm’.  Breathwork is a natural process and it is powerful process. Shamanic Breathwork is not recommended for those with certain medical conditions, physical or psychological illnesses. Please read carefully the contra-indications and conditions where caution is advised and where disclosure is required.

This practice is NOT suitable for individuals with the following conditions:

Recent major surgery
Glaucoma/detached retina
Unstable Bi-polar syndrome
History of schizophrenia or psychosis
Untreated/severe PTSD
Severe osteoporosis
Delicate pregnancy
Having involuntary thoughts of suicide or self-harm
Feeling disconnected from reality

Please disclose, caution is advised
This practice MAY OR MAY NOT be suitable for those who have experienced the following conditions:

You should consult your General Practitioner or primary healthcare provider first. Then please inform us of your condition. It may still be possible to breathe with us. In such cases we may recommend a modified breathing practice.

Dissociative conditions
Epilepsy or seizures
Cardio-vascular problems, heart conditions or arrhythmia
High blood pressure or low blood pressure with fainting history
Pre-existing lung disease
Recent surgery or hospitalizations

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