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Thank you for your interest in my work.

​Currently I am not offering one to one sessions. I may have space available in the future.
If you would 
like to be added to a waiting list, please send a message ticking the box on waiting list in the options below. 


I do have limited time. However I am open to be invited to speak, to be part of a special course, an online summit and to offer talks or podcasts on topics that I am passionate about - if timings align. Please send a message. My assistant will contact you.


If you are interested in attending an event or retreat with me, please contact the individual organisers of each retreat:

The Pleasure Journey via
The Energy Journey via
The Shamanic Breathwork Journey via

Thank you for your contact. We will respond in the coming days.

Elaine Yonge
Name Elaine Yonge

Facilitator, Guide & Bodyworker
in the fields of Shamanism, Tantra and Somatic Sexology

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