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Creatures of the Sea

I have always loved the creatures of the sea in a deep, slightly irrational and ancient way. My heart always opens so far and I am struck with awe and wonder. I love the animals of the land, but there is something about the beings of the sea… that I have connected with and been fascinated by from an early age. In some ways I know I once lived there, and there is a deep heart longing to return. I grew up on a beautiful Scottish Loch, I was always at the beach. I would often bring home my sea creature friends to stay with us, much to the horror of my mother. When people asked me what do you want to be when you grow up. I used to say at 9 years old, a marine biologist with a very serious and passionate tone.

In the end I choose another path and it was such a gift, and my love for the plants and all creatures of the sea continued. I learned to scuba dive to be closer to them, to have the privilege to visit their world. They somehow connect me deeply to myself and spirit, there is the sense that creation is truly sacred, as I feel and see their beauty and incredible design. For almost 15 years, every time I had the chance, I would dive somewhere in the world. Of all the creatures, the ones that blow my mind and heart the most are the whales, they are a creation beyond magic and genius. Note of self I miss the sea and it’s beings, time to return. Elaine Yonge, May 2022

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