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Background - Elaine Yonge


Januari 2023

I, Elaine Yonge, uphold the following Code of Ethics in all my Professional, Client--Practitioner and Facilitator-Participant relations.

*Clients - referring to one to one session clients.
*Participants - referring to those who attend group retreats/workshops.


  • I will be honest with myself and others.

  • I will be empathetic and in attunement with clients/participant & team members.

  • I will practice patience, tolerance and flexibility.

  • I will remain teachable and open-minded.

  • I will treat everyone with consideration, dignity and respect, for we are all related.

  • I will intend the highest good for those I support.

  • I will create a loving, caring space for those whom I support.

  • I will seek support from others (peers, teachers, colleagues, counsellors) when appropriate for the good of myself and those I support.

  • I will not advise or provide services that are beyond my competency and training.

  • I will have only platonic (no romantic or sexual -) relations with clients during the period of having a professional relationship and for a period of 12 months after.

  • I will have only platonic (no romantic or sexual -) relations with participants during the time of a retreat/workshop and for a period of six months after - unless there is a preexisting connection, in which instance appropriate discussions would be shared and agreements/boundaries put in place if required.

  • I will practice and require Informed Consent in all client & group spaces.

  • I will share and reflect information about my trainings, retreats and skills accurately and honestly.

  • I will commit to my own continued education, professional support & mentoring.

  • I will refer to others if I am unable to support a client or participant.

In the case of relational rupture I will:

  • Make opportunities for communication and repair.

  • Own my mistakes openly.

  • Share my feelings and experience where appropriate. 

  • Not approach conflicts with an attitude of blame, even if transference or projection are present.

  • Be humble.

  • Offer mediation with a suitably experienced colleague or professional mediator if that is desired.

For Sexological Bodywork Sessions/Retreats
I will follow The Ethical Guideline given by The Association of Somatic & Integrative Sexologists (ASIS):

For Shamanic Breathwork Sessions & Retreats
I will follow The Venus Rising Code of Ethics:

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