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Release Pause... Resume Play Curious how life continues to unfold back on the road again. Is it again, or is it anew? Nothing is the same, as it was before. The baptisim of global lockdown. A medicine and a poison. Determined not to forget the lessons of the initiation, stalking the illusion of going back to how life was before. Life is potentially pure magic, so precious and yet so much in this world is so fxxked up. The confronting high definition global reflection of the inner paradox of the humanness… the powerful and the weak one, masculine and feminine, the clear and chaotic one, “the good the bad” loving one and the tyrannical monster within every one of us. Each of us can only access the lens we have, one that is unique, important and valid… And it is smeared and distorted by our dna, our inner child, our soul, our culture and our past. Nature whispers to me, stay grounded this too will pass. Not to the happily ever after ending... life can be awesome but it is not a fairytale. It will pass into burn out, completion, transformation, irrelevance, implosion, explosion.

.. or just slip past with no fanfare or acknowledgment. And life will continue, the sun will shine, the trees will drop their leaves, the snow will come and go. I will live, I will perhaps grow old and I will die. And life will continue. Elaine Yonge, March 2020

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