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The Heterogeneous Self Coming back to the self, again and again. Anew and anew, familiar and yet different. Grounding in life’s reality, and living the mystery. Confusion and paradox, lost and found. Focusing on the heart brings rest and expansion, Focusing on the belly brings passion and rage, Focusing on the mind brings noise and resistance, Focusing on the sex brings fire and aliveness. Feeling the losses, brings tears and aching. Feeling the gifts, brings gratitude and joy. Feeling the challenges, brings power and contraction. Feeling the clock ticking faster, brings a precious softening inside and the clarity of acute awareness. Holding the love story and full force of battle inside, creates ripples of unease. Holding the strength and the weakness, creates repulsion and a powerful magnetic force. Holding life and death, creates convicted purposefulness and apathetic despair. Returning to the breath, presence. Returning to the now, acceptance. Returning to the heart, surrender. Returning to the essence, gratitude. Elaine Yonge,

April 2022

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