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What does your soul long for in this life?

Someone asked me today

‘What does your soul long for in this life ? ‘

A question I have journeyed with many times, over many years. Many different answers arise.

Today .. this was the message.

My soul longs to be listened to, to be involved in my life,

to have a voice…

My soul longs to understand… Why am I here? What is the best way to live this human life?

At times, my soul and its idea of my purpose attempts to take over…. and force choices on the human part of me.

My soul longs to love, be loved, to explore, to enjoy human pleasures, to learn, to be connected to source, to allow myself to be supported and to support others on their journey…

My soul longs to be honest about its doubts and fears …

And at some point my soul deeply longs for and awaits its return to stardust to its eternal non human spiritual form.

Elaine Yonge January 2023

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