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SEXY! Strong. Lovely to listen to. Connected with me when I need it. Made me feel safe.


Excellent clear communicator. An excellent teacher. One of the best I have experienced in all fields.


The strength of the container and delivery of boundaries and consent allowed a strong sense of safety.

Anonymous - UK




My individual session with Elaine was simply extraordinary. I have done quite a lot of shamanic journeying in the past, mostly with the drum. Although I enjoyed these journeys, I always struggled to let go of my mind in these sessions and go deeply into the shamanic realm. By contrast, the combination of Elaine's loving attention and the powerful breathwork enabled me to relax my mind and travel fully during my session. The experience was healing, visual, and transformative; and its effects continue to ripple through my system a few weeks later. Ï thoroughly recommend Elaine's individual sessions to anyone who wants to take the next step on their journey of healing and transformation.


It’s now over three months since I attended my first and so far only Shamanic Breathwork session with Elaine Young. I was amazed at how deep this work could go in just one session. I’ve since made significant changes in my life as a result. The wonderful way in which Elaine held the space allowed me to surrender to my experience without reservation knowing that I was in the safe space I needed to be to go so deep into my process. Elaine’s facilitation was superb, I would highly recommend both her and this work to anyone who’s committed to their continuing evolving and unfolding. I will certainly be going back for more!







It was a great experience. Elaine has an amazing energy and warmth that you'll feel as soon as you meet her and be put at ease. I'm very new to this type of experience and I felt very safe and welcome to a really nice group of people whom I'd never met before and shared the day with. I definitely felt I started on some sort of journey...I'll be back for more it's a powerful process.



An excellent well led workshop. I had a wonderful breathwork journey. I arrived home feeling peaceful, positive and well nourished in a soulful spiritual sense. The space holders were intuitively right there when needed and you could feel them in the space at all times and their awareness. I would thoroughly recommend this.



Oh my Goodness where shall I start?? Just came back from attending the Shamanic Breathwork Journey workshop and had SUCH a phenomenal experience. Elaine Young has to be one of the coolest shaman practitioner out there, she oozes wisdom, integrity and beauty. She is such an inspiration! Her workshop was very powerful and exquisitely lead. I felt very safe and supported by her and Simon her facilitator, which allowed me to deeply connect with the exercises, meditations and breathwork. What a wonderful day, thank you!



​One of the best spent Sundays in my life quite frankly. I have finally managed to re visit in a very safe place, pain and negative believes that held me back for so long and that only created circle of more pain. I have found my long lost inner voice again and reconnected with what is important in my life. Elaine and all the participants created an incredibly powerful and magical space that allowed me to grow, learn and observe.


Kai Helmich - Life Coach

I am really grateful to have been able to do another breathwork session and I just want to say I am just at awe of how far I have come within the last two breathwork sessions. There is sadly no way to show you the proof of the pudding as it is clearly shown in my mandalas. (Can I somehow post a picture on here?) Comparing one with the other it becomes evident that not only the powerful experience of doing such a journey brought its lessons and insights from it but even more my creativity has come on heaps and bounds. I guess it has been always there but the profound experience of doing such work just released my inhibitions of creating/drawing something that I maybe wouldn't have dared to try before. What is next?!



Anonymous Participant of ISTA Level 1

A powerful wise master. I’m deeply grateful for all the transmissions you shared with us. Thank you for the commitment you have to your own journey that has led you to where you are now to share the wisdom with us all. Appreciate and love your humor as well. Your authenticity and raw transparent power made me feel incredibly safe and supported. I felt so held in your way of holding space. You are a true inspiration to me. Thank you.

Julia - ISTA L1 & L2, Master Your Pleasure participant


 Elaine manages to create a safe space for individual processes in the group as well as she seems to sense group dynamics before they even arise. Thanks to her great teaching experience is able to adapt the curriculum according to the group's needs. Her ability to merge the scientific view with shamanic rituals, heart, spirit and the body is of great inspiration to me and I've not come across any other teacher yet who has integrated these dimensions to the same degree and with the same virtue in their teachings as Elaine does. The bridge Elaine manages to built between science/ the skeptical mind and truly shamanic experiences that need no rational explanation amazes me again and again.

Tamar - ISTA L2 Participant

Elaine is truly something special. I was blown away by her power, grace & effortless ability to hold deeply transformational spaces. She holds an incredibly high standard with her work & attention to detail. I am amazed and grateful to Elaine for the depth of her service. A true powerhouse and inspiration.

Johnny Vajra - ISTA L2 Participant

I am very grateful to Elaine for the love, care, time, and energy that she contributed toward making this an unforgettable experience. I look forward with much joy and curious delight to my next opportunity to share magickal space with her! 

Elaine brings such a deep level of integrity. Her containers are as clinical as the medical labs she used to work in for many years :) such a rare combination of feminine and masculine as well as deep knowledge of the body and spirit . Deeply grateful

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