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The Energy Journey Background - Elaine Yonge


A 7-Day Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Exploration

25th June - 1st July 2023 COMPLETED 

The Energy Journey is a space to explore

The Energy Journey is a 7-day retreat to explore aspects of your own Energy Body and Energy Exchange with others. The practice of deep immersion over 7 days can allow a fundamental shift in your experience of yourself as an energy being.

Through repetitive connection and different techniques & practices, longer-lasting changes can occur in the physical body, energy body and somatic awareness. 
The Energy Journey intends and supports you to awaken your energy field, to amplify and sensitise your energy body. The relationship between - and the interconnectedness of - 'these bodies' can evolve to come into integration and greater harmony. 

The Energy Journey Background - Elaine Yonge


I’m so incredibly grateful for you Elaine.

Thank you for teaching me how to save myself,

how to show up for me

and how to hold all of me.

Hannah Evan

Background - Elaine Yonge

The Energy Journey is about

This experiential retreat will include some sessions focused on knowledge, sharing and reflection circles. The majority of the sessions will be practices, experiences and rituals, giving you the opportunity to focus on, improve, expand and practice your energetic awareness and power. The basis of the EnergyJourney is rooted in - and harnesses the power of - Tantric Practices, Somatics, Shamanic Intention and Breathwork. The week will offer a range of experiences from foundational practices of connecting, sensing and moving your own Energy, to more advanced skills of energy exchange and energetic interactions with others.

The basis of much of this Journey is rooted in - and harnesses - Tantric Practices, Somatics, Shamanic Intention, and Breathwork. This Journey will use multiple modalities, rituals and explorations, including

  • The Chakra System

  • Energy Resourcing & Energy Expenditure

  • Circulating Internal Energy

  • Solo Fire Breath Orgasmic Energy

  • Multi-Layered Human Energy Field Model

  • Yin and Yang Kundalini Activation

  • Exchange Energy Play & Penetration

  • Breath & Energy

  • Energetic Bodywork Techniques


We will be exploring all kinds of energy experiences. Most of these will not include touch or direct skin contact. There may be limited practices with optional touch.

Please note that this journey embraces the power of sexual Energy. Often mainstream retreats offer energy experiences without including explicit sexual Energy. This offering will include the entire energy system of the body including emotional, heart, base, solar plexus, intuition and sacral-creative Energy.
There will be time and attention given to sexual Energy and the associated energy centres on the body. Both in terms of our own energy system and those of others in the group when working in dyads/small groups.

The Energy Journey Background - Elaine Yonge

One of the beings that went before you
on a Journey with Elaine

Dolores Antic - Elaine Yonge

Your expression and way of teaching is motivating
and was one of the major turning points in my life.
Thank you deeply.

Dolores Antic

Our Venue

Just an hour drive from the vibrant city of Prague, situated in a beautiful wild landscape, lies this rural Venue that will welcome us with the warm hospitality this country is famous for. 
The hills and colorful pine-forests full of blueberries and crannies, surround the sandy beaches that make you feel like you are at the sea.


The houses at this cosy venue are built from natural rocks and wood, so that they maintain a pleasant climate in summer and winter. Rooms open to the large garden and create a sheltered space with an apple orchard. From there you will experience the wide view of the surrounding countryside. There is a fireplace to come together on starry nights. 

Accommodation is in shared bedrooms. There is also a very limited amount of double bedrooms at an additional charge on a first come - first serve basis. (Please mention your preference in your application form). Another option would be to bring your own tent and camp in the garden. This would give you a discount on your fee. 

The chefs in the kitchen will be creating delicious, healthy meals. Where possible organic- and locally-sourced, always nutritious, vegan and vegetarian. They are happy to accommodate your needs in case of allergies or intolerances. (Please inform us of any special dietary requirements in your application form).

The Energy Journey Background - Elaine Yonge

Some of the Groups that have been Journeying with Elaine

About the Creator & Facilitator

Elaine Yonge


My learnings and skills around Energy arise from Tantric and Shamanic practices, combined with 20 years of working as a clinical scientist, using many Energy medical modalities, including ultrasound waves and other energy medicine tools such as light lasers and radiofrequency. As someone with years of experience working with science, physiology and the body, I was a healthy sceptic and cynic when I was first introduced to this concept of ‘humans as energy fields’.

I realised that often people misperceive the relationship between the mystics and scientists. As someone who holds both a Bachelors’ and Master’s degree in Scientific specialities, my understanding is that science at its authentic core is always the question and not the answer.

My journey has involved a lifelong fascination and inquiry into awareness, purpose, the human condition, love, sexuality, spiritual connection, soul wisdom, expansion, learning, unlearning, meditation, physiology, health, disease, exploring aliveness, death and grief.  


I have  been exploring Energy in my own life and supporting others to open these capacities and awareness within themselves and with others for over 10 years. I guided thousands of individuals in one-on-one settings and groups, to have experiences of their own energy field and also how to sense and interact in a consensual way with the Energy fields of others. I draw from different lineages and modalities, including Tantric and Shamanic practices, Somatic Sexology, Sexological Bodywork and Shamanic Breathwork.


I am a Group Facilitator, Educator, Coach, Guide, and Energy-/Bodyworker in the fields of Consciousness, Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Sexology and Shamanism. Some of my certifications include specialities such as Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator.


Until recently, I was a Lead Faculty member of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA)  from 2015 to 2022 and part of this global Tribe of humans since 2012. I led many level 1 (called SSSEx) and level 2 (called SSSIn) journeys in many countries around the globe.


Currently, I mainly offer deep-dive experiential retreats. ‘The Journeys’ is a series of 5 to 7 Day retreats I created and facilitate, to explore and reset our relationship to Pleasure, Breath and Energy. These retreats include educational components however they are primarily deep embodiment journeys harnessing Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Explorations.

About the Organiser

A lover of life, passionate about dance, bodywork, community-building, and creating magic in every day moments. In awe for the sacred and with a full heart for the brave. Joyce is living and working from the Netherlands. She's assisting for ISTA's level 1&2 and has assisted Master Your Pleasure in both online editions aswell as In-Person.



Elaine speaks about The Energy Journey (23:10 min)

The Energy Journey Background - Elaine Yonge

What participants expressed
after being on a journey with Elaine


Flower white - Elaine Yonge

 Elaine manages to create a safe space for individual processes in the group as well as she seems to sense group dynamics before they even arise. Thanks to her great teaching experience is able to adapt the curriculum according to the group's needs. Her ability to merge the scientific view with shamanic rituals, heart, spirit and the body is of great inspiration to me and I've not come across any other teacher yet who has integrated these dimensions to the same degree and with the same virtue in their teachings as Elaine does. The bridge Elaine manages to built between science/ the skeptical mind and truly shamanic experiences that need no rational explanation amazes me again and again.


Flower white - Elaine Yonge

Elaine is truly something special. I was blown away by her power, grace & effortless ability to hold deeply transformational spaces. She holds an incredibly high standard with her work & attention to detail. I am amazed and grateful to Elaine for the depth of her service. A true powerhouse and inspiration.


Flower white - Elaine Yonge

I am very grateful to Elaine for the love, care, time, and energy that she contributed toward making this an unforgettable experience. I look forward with much joy and curious delight to my next opportunity to share magickal space with her! 

Elaine brings such a deep level of integrity. Her containers are as clinical as the medical labs she used to work in for many years :) such a rare combination of feminine and masculine as well as deep knowledge of the body and spirit. Deeply grateful.



​Arrival & Closing times

Arrival & registration: Date to be announced between 13h30 and 14h30

Closing: Date to be announced from 15h00 
(Circle closes at 14h00 - then lunch will be served)

Getting there and away

The nearest city with airport and trainstation is Prague (1,5h). We will provide suggestions on how to get from the airport/station to the venue once you have subscribed. Also there will be a shuttle service coming from - and going to the airport.

Important note: Do not plan to arrive late or leave before the end of the retreat.


Investment for this All Inclusive


EUR 2.000

Includes the training, nutritious homecooked meals, and a stay at a lovely venue on the authentic Czech countryside with plenty of falling stars.

Register TEJ

​How to Register? 

This Journey has an application proces. 
To secure your spot on The Energy Journey:

Step 1:
Fill in the Application Form

The Appliciation Form invites you to reflect on your deeper motivations for participating: Alongside your personal details, you will be asked to answer 8 in-depth questions and upload a short informal video of yourself
(max 3 minutes).

​Step 2: 
Pay the Deposit within 5 days

After approving your application, we will send you an email with the payment details on how to transfer the deposit (500 EUR) within 5 days.

Please make sure to add to your safe contacts, so you won't need to find our messages in your spam-box. 

​Step 3:

After receiving the deposit, we will send you a confirmation 

saying you are subscribed for the Journey.

Also then you will receive the Welcome Letter with all practical information about The Journey.

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